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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL
Logistics, shipping and transportation management can make or break a business when it comes to selling physical products. Being an ever-increasing increasing industry of global economy, it has enormous potential and thus, logistics and transportation industry has witnessed a massive transformation over the last few years with customers are demanding more transparency in delivery processes. Logistics & transportation software development comes with different goals for businesses, some of those are: The role of Logistics & transportation software vary from business to business. Some of them are mentioned below:
  • Rapid response to customer and market demand

  • Minimize inventory workflow to reduce cost

  • Consolidated shipment by grouping products and reporting

  • Tracking & monitoring inventory precisely GPS, IoT and barcode systems

  • Keep inventory in transit to reduce the cost, in coordination with supply chain

  • Decreased number of multichannel logistics partners to reduce overall cost and increase profit

  • Tracking, monitoring & reporting of shipment and related data in real-time

smartData can provide the best suited robust solution according to the business needs, empowering with the latest technology to achieve transparency, efficiency, and control in the business with just a click. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we’ve helped enterprises in obtaining their business goals by building their software majorly in:
  • Logistics & transportation management system – sea/road/air

  • Fleet/Freight management software – ocean /air /land

  • Marine shipping with real-time voyage tracking

  • Vessels/barges ratings/reviews system

  • Bunker procurement and management software

  • Voyage planning, routing operations, port management, port calls

  • Voyage KPI’s calculations, real-time data tracking & monitoring via API’s like Marine Traffic

  • Emergency and non-emergency multichannel transportation management system (ambulance services tracking and transportation)

  • FTL/LTL services, 3PL, multimodal & multichannel transport

  • Voyage optimization and reporting via AI/ML using NLP

  • Traffic management system leveraging IoT, traffic signals control via IoT

  • Risk mitigation in project management, keeping in mind the regulatory compliances like CPSIA, SQF, BRC, CPSC, GCC, etc.

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