smartData believes in building an improved community where people live better lives with the objective of giving back to society. This has led to the establishment of smartCFG. Our smartCFG initiatives, which stand for "smartData Community, Fitness, and Green," work towards achieving sustainable standards.


Our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) are an integral part of smartData’s sustainable strategies, which are woven into the core of our business and goals. We establish initiatives, programs and policies with the aim of building a better world.


Designing, developing and managing employee fitness programs in workplace settings is one of our core competencies. Our expertise ensures that both our corporate health goals, as well as individual employee needs, are met.


We understand our effect on the atmosphere and the importance of a safe and green environment in long-term sustainability. It has prompted the marketplace's competitive environment to increase organizational performance and search out fresh and creative technologies.

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Chat with us or share your Requirements

smartData Initiatives in Combating Carbon Footprints

“The climate is changing so should we?” Determining the impact your business has on the environment can be a complicated task. In today’s world, sustainability has become a very important part in our lives. How does it is related to business? How business are adapting to these challenges? Going “Green” has been a significant area for business to focus on...


What is the Importance of Workplace Fitness Culture

Physical fitness is “one's ability to execute daily activities with the best performance, endurance, and strength with the management of disease, fatigue, and stress and reduced sedentary behavior.” Workplace Fitness is the most important aspect these days because people usually have long working hours that creates stress which leads to irritation, cause distraction & other physical hormonal imbalance. These days...


smartData Contribution in Reducing Carbon Footprints

While heading towards artificial intelligence development we are lacking behind in maintaining a balance of the natural environment, which endangers the habitat of living organisms. What is a Carbon Footprint? Carbon footprints are the total amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere by the activities of a particular individual, organization, or any community. However, these greenhouse gases...

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