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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

Training is the most important and integral part of the organization, be it small, medium, or big organization. Training allows employees to possess new skills, improve existing ones, perform better, increase his/her productivity and be a good leader.

As the organization is always a total of what employee perform individually, and the company should always do everything whatever in their power to make sure that employee performs at their peak.

Some of the points mentioned are –

New hire orientation: Training is particularly important for new employees. This can be achieved by someone within the company and should be a platform to get new employees in process of the company.

Every year smartData hires young students from campus hiring across the country. Fresh engineering undergrads and post-grad students go through 10 thousand hours of a very professionally conducted vocational training regimen at our development centers & join the workforce after successful completion of the internship.

Tackle Shortcoming: Every new joiner has some shortcoming and the only way for them to come out of the shortcoming is by way of giving proper training and overall development. For e.g.: – If an employee has to sell a product and if he is not aware of the company’s product, how he/she can convince customers to buy them.

To understand the products, project requirements, and customer perspective to enhance the customer experience, different training programs designed for the smarTians. Numerous in-house technical , interpersonal training help smarTians to well prepared to meet the ever-expanding skill requirements of our expanding network of global customers.

Improvement in performance: If an employee’s shortcomings and weaknesses are addressed, it is most obvious that an employee’s performance will improve. It is most important to break down the T&D needs to target relevant audiences or individuals.

As IT is an ever-changing industry and demands to upgrade oneself to meet the customer expectations. Training and development are one of the major key areas to focus on in the smartData.

Employee satisfaction: A company that invests in training and development generally tends to have satisfied employees. However, this exercise has to be relevant to the target audience to get the required results or to meet the intention of conducting the training.

Our training programs include holistic development ranging from vocational training in terms of skills – technical, interpersonal & leadership.

Increased Productivity: In a rapidly developing world, productivity is not only dependant on employees, but also on the technology they used. Training and Development go a long way in getting employees upgraded with new technologies as per business needs and demands. This is purely a win-win situation for both the employees and employer too.

At smartData these training are given by domain/industry experts from within the organization and visiting experts from industry and academia.

Self-Driven: Employees who have attended the right training need less supervision and guidance. Training helps develop necessary skill sets in employees and enables them to address tasks independently. This also allows supervisors and managers to focus on more pressing areas.

To transform the company into a learning organization and encourage a culture of continuous learning among employees, a company has to search for new techniques and improve.

At smartData various training programs conducted to allow smarTians to acquire new skills, sharpen existing ones, perform better, increase productivity and be better leaders. Active participation of smarTians in relevant business conferences hosted nationally and globally helps us ensure that our workforce is well prepared to meet the ever-expanding skill requirements of our expanding network of global customers.

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