Client's Visit


Business Meet in Florida

One of our business development representatives is on a visit to Florida to collaborate with client’s in Florida state. smarTian met with one of our healthcare domain client in Miami, Fl.


Business Meet in Boston

Our business development representative has marked a very successful business trip to the US where he met with one of smartData’s prestigious client in Boston.

Thanks to our renowned client

smartData recognized by a US Supply Chain Management client for our excellent technology partnership and a decade old association.

Business Meet in US

We value our clients and enjoy partnering with them. We prepare to provide them with the best solutions to increase their business.

Client Meeting

An amazing first Quarter of the Year 2018. A lot of client visits to strengthen the business relationship and discuss long-term engagements.

Client Interface

With Business meets all around the Globe how can our clients miss the chance to visit us! Yes, smartData has always been fortunate to host the clients with enthusiasm, some knowledge exchange and a detailed analysis of their project.

Thanks to our clients for making time to train our teams and work in collaboration.


Business Meet in Boston, US

Communicating with clients in just a click away in today’s age and space. Yet a face to face communication is an impactful means, which goes a long way in a business association

smartData believes in repeat culture and to maintain its longevity personal interactions are an important part and smarTians drive this engine.


Business Meet in US

Our CEO Ajay Tewari, strongly believes in providing valuable customer service. Frequenting his visit to our offices in the US and Australia to monitor projects and to be a part of client meeting and interactions. He also keeps imparting Industry knowledge and sharing global trends with all smarTians.

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