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smartData has a complete approach to all risks for business continuity making plans and disaster control, consisting of a response plan for the covid-19 pandemic. We are maintaining strong and healthy relations with our customers by providing 24*7 technical support. Rapidly enabling work from home with increased security controls through the VPN server ensured business continuity for all of our customers in this pandemic situation. To ensure our dedication towards 3C’S, we are continuously connecting with our customers through video conferencing and other virtual live interaction tools to meet up their business requirements. Some of the interactions which need to be mention are:

smartData org wide , September 2021

    Healthcare Training

    Learning new skills and expanding #smarTians knowledge plays a key part in driving personal and professional growth in a consistent way. #NewsmartData this year focusing more on emerging changes and technology up-gradation. As part of continuous employee engagement – series of Healthcare training programs was conducted to upskill the workforce.

    smartData Org-Wide, August 2021

      Healthcare Conclave 2021

      Healthcare conclave with an onsite/remote 2-day intense session conducted directly under our CEO for professionals & business development teams. The agenda of the conclave was to discuss ways and means to further improve our HC practice primarily in terms of customer experience #CX to healthcare providers, caregivers, patients, as well as policy-makers, who are seeking …

      smartData Org-Wide, July 2021

        Client Interaction- Core Understanding of Business Model

        Client meets are pivotal not only in building trust but in nurturing & developing strong collaborative working relationships with multiple clientele. The motive of the meeting was to discuss the multiple projects running and prioritize the upcoming tasks. Client interaction with the whole team was to get insights into the project development milestone and to …

        smartData Org-Wide, July 2021

          Client Virtual Meet:Building Market Focus

          The agenda of the online meet with our esteem client was to share end to end approach that covers everything from strategic design to final solutions and enhance easier and sustainable solutions to expand client business. Such virtual interactions are examples of our work culture focusing on the 3B’s i.e.’ BigCollaboration’, ‘BigCommunication’, and ‘BigThinking’ to …

          smartData Org-Wide, June 2021

            Project Introductory Call

            For the service industry speed is the key. Communicating with clients is just a click away in today’s age and space. The goal of the meeting was to lay the groundwork for a successful project—and it’s an opportunity to ensure that all stakeholders and project team members are on the same page about the scope, …

            smartData Mohali, June 2021

              Online Business Development Meeting

              The online business meets with our esteemed client to expand client business, deep knowledge exchange, and a detailed analysis of project requirements called for enhancements to the existing application. A demonstration of the current application was also given to provide a practical understanding of the project. Such interactions are valuable in terms of learning & …

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