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smartData has a complete approach to all risks for business continuity making plans and disaster control, consisting of a response plan for the covid-19 pandemic. We are maintaining strong and healthy relations with our customers by providing 24*7 technical support. Rapidly enabling work from home with increased security controls through the VPN server ensured business continuity for all of our customers in this pandemic situation. To ensure our dedication towards 3C’S, we are continuously connecting with our customers through video conferencing and other virtual live interaction tools to meet up their business requirements. Some of the interactions which need to be mention are:

smartData Org-Wide, June 2021

    MS Tech 13 Days Training Program

    Learning new skills and expanding #smarTians knowledge plays a key part in driving personal and professional growth in a consistent way. #NewsmartData this year focusing more on emerging changes and technology up-gradation. As part of continuous employee engagement – MS Tech 13 days training program conducted to upskill the workforce.

    smartData Org-Wide, June 2021

      Advance Solution for Real Estate Sector

      A real estate portal that allows homeowners and real estate agents to market their properties to a large audience.This platform allows homeowners and local estate agents to directly link with interested buyers through the web interface. Homeowners can create a property listing and submit it to the network. Agents have a complete CRM interface where …

      smartData Org-Wide, May 2021

        SG_NEXT GEN_smartCX Sessions

        Higher customer satisfaction can be achieved by upskilling the workforce. To train the smarTians for giving seamless customer experience to our customers, 50 plus SG_NEXT GEN_smartCX sessions, online webinars on creating a digital customer experience, managing the “anywhere” workforce, using AI to predict the unpredictable, leveraging the power of automation attended by 150+ project managers …

        smartData Org-Wide, May 2021

          Virtual Basecamp Conclave 2021

          The first-ever virtual Basecamp conclave of the leadership group in challenging times for strategic discussions to unleash future potential and appreciating the untiring hard work of leadership group happened at smartData. Discussion on the areas of growth and strengthening engineering, business dev. & processes in the key focus areas is a major takeaway for all …

          smartData Org-Wide, March 2021

            Nasscom panel discussions attended by senior management

            “For the future to a new normal,” was NASSCOM’s Technology and Leadership discussion panels agenda. The aim of the event is threefold: to celebrate the technologies used to raise companies during the pandemic and to set down a blueprint for the construction of a better future, and to highlight the importance of responsible technology in …

            smartData Mohali, March 2021

              Online Business Development Meeting

              The online business meet with our esteemed client to exchange ideas on roadmap of further development of the project.Deep knowledge exchange and a detailed analysis of project requirement call for the enhancement in the existing application was discussed to expand client business. Such interactions are valuable in terms of learning & coordination.

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