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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

As the business environment has understood the importance of data and so are the technologies running around analyzing and interpreting the data i.e. AI is built around the data patterns. Data impacts all the functions of an organization and so is HR which fuels the organization with appropriate human resources and thus a crucial component of the organization.

Data-driven policies decisions can ameliorate the HR functions. Let’s see how the functions will improve if analytics applied

  • Recruitment

  • while the organization is aware of the parameters like hiring rate, most occupied resource, most free resource, no. of resources in each department, over- employment, under-employment, etc. can aid the HR managers to efficiently decide on the recruitment no. than decisions based on intuitions. These parameters’ can predict the future requirement and recruitment policies can be made likewise.

  • Training and development

  • The performance matrics of the employees can guide the HR managers regarding the need for T&D and can improve productivity with timely and accurate training opportunities to the employees.

  • Internal HR

  • With the behavior analysis of the employees, the HR managers know the impact of internal HR activities on the satisfaction level of employees and thus the policies can be implemented on same with precision.

At smartData Enterprises India Ltd. As our name explains that we handle data very smartly & uses that data to improve the overall process & to bring overall efficiency.

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