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Fortune 500 companies: going Cross Platform

There are two prevalent toolsets for mobile app development – native and cross platform. As customers are distributed and companies want to reach global customers (a population of 4.5 billion digital users), choosing amongst iOS and Android users can be tough. This either requires a detailed study of the target audience and their devices or picking a quicker way of development i.e. cross-platform. React Native and Flutter are the two being very popular cross platform development frameworks. Whether developing an MVP for first time to market or a full-fledged product, React Native and Flutter are empowering big brands too such as Bloomberg, Instagram, Myntra, Tesla, Uber-Eats, and Pinterest. Thus no more confined to low budget development strategies.

Cross platform apps provide a truly native UI, regardless of what your business is. smartData continues to solve unique business challenges in healthcare and platform driven industries with our 10+ years of mobile expertise. Whether delivering a remote patient care app or e-learning apps, our developers are proficient enough to integrate any native component with Flutter/ RN code to ensure complete functioning.

Why choose cross platform app development?

For startups and businesses going cross platform is an interesting opportunity. React Native and Flutter have taken the developer community by storm with recently much attention coming from Fortune 500 companies. Some added benefits are: – Both are feature rich, highly powerful open-source frameworks– Time saving because of learn once, write anywhere: cover multiple operating systems from one codebase (Android, iOS, Windows) – Live app updates and faster delivery– Reach to more users and increased revenues

One important advantage of React Native is component rendering as native widgets for a native look and feel. This is in contrast to other hybrid frameworks such as Ionic or Cordova which rely on web view to achieve native performance.

Do skills, industry experience, and budget all matter to you?

Where cost is an important factor especially for startups and SMEs, cross platform framework can deliver high end efficiencies in a restricted budgets. Before, you hire any developer it is important to verify the expertise of a developer. At smartData we prioritize skills and business knowledge. Experienced with Flux, Dart and MVC framework developers involve in the entire process of SDLC, communicating ideas with clients, mobile testing and supporting ongoing maintenance. Recognizing the value that cross platform apps offer we have already set a growth path at smartData where the native iOS/Andorid developers are upgrading to React Native /Flutter.

smartData can be your next app development partner, we understand the factors to make the right decision amongst native and hybrid. Connect with our lead mobile developers for a suitable framework matched to your business specifics.

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