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Ocean of Opportunities for Freshers in smartData-Campus Hiring

smartData Direct or sDirect is the key program which smartData is running from the last 16+ years. The motto of sDirect is to create opportunities for freshers in smartData. We are hiring fresher graduate engineers across all states/U.T. of India. In this program, we are hiring technical & marketing graduates/postgraduates to work as industry interns so that they can learn the latest technologies and techniques to achieve their dream. We are onboarding talents from 8-10 universities’, 15-20 colleges from all regions of India which ensures diversification i.e. one of our core values.

During this program, smartData provide them with all type of training related to the latest technologies and toll which are currently in trend. On the technologies side, we are the organization that is providing them chances to learn and earn all tech stack like open-source, Microsoft technologies, AI/ML, Mobility apps, and many more.
In addition to the technologies, we are offering a huge prospectus of learning for the marketing professionals who completed their BBA/MBA/MBE degrees. These marketing professionals get a chance to learn multiple domains like e-commerce, healthcare, fintech, insuretech, logistic, transportation, and many more.

In brief, smartData offers a very huge ocean of opportunities to the fresher candidate through sDirect programs. Through these programs, they can achieve the desired level of success as per the efforts invested during the time. If we look into the history of sDirect, smartData has many #smarTians to mention who started their career as sDirect and are now on the key decision-maker profile at the organization. We believe in shaping the future with best talent and creating opportunities for freshers in smartData to learn and grow.

Best wishes to all sDirect candidates.

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