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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL
Ajay Tewari
Chief Executive Officer
Ajay Tewari, the CEO, transitioned from maritime to entrepreneurship with the co-founding of smartData in 1999. He has a strong foundation in maritime studies from the Marine Safety Agency UK and Mumbai University, India. His intensive training at T.S. Rajendra, followed by 11 years of global maritime experience on different types of vessels in different capacity, has instilled the desired essential skills in global business transactions, operations, and & risk management.

His approach to leadership resonates with the ethos of new India – believing that education lays the foundation, but it is passion and dedication that propels one to exceptional heights. Under his stewardship, smartData has transformed from a five-person startup to an global organization with over 1000 employees, embodying the limitless potential of determination and innovative thinking.

As the CEO of smartData, Ajay has fostered global business expansion. His active involvement in the Chandigarh Angel Network (CAN) and other investment ventures like IPV and IAN signifies his commitment to nurturing new talent and ideas in the startup ecosystem.

His passion extends to sports, particularly long-distance running & high altitude trekking. His participation in marathons and ultramarathons across various terrains exemplifies his belief in persistence and staying in the present moment. This has been an inspiration to many within the organization and outside. Ajay’s journey is a testament to the new India spirit – that with will, passion, and continual learning, achieving extraordinary success is within reach. His journey from maritime professional to a visionary entrepreneur, combined with his athletic pursuits, mirrors his philosophy of consistent effort and adaptability, inspiring a generation to aim for greater heights.
Gurdev Singh
Vice President Technology
Gurdev has been a member of the smartData Corporate Think-Tank since 2003 and has led several strategic initiatives to drive the definition and realization of the global technology strategy as well as define innovative forward-looking solutions. Working with smartData from last 15 years, he started his career as a Software engineer and has moved up the hierarchy taking different leadership positions and various roles within the organization with proven results.
He is currently leading a large RnD group in the position of Vice President Technology. He has a strong visionary skill, supported by technical depth and credibility which has helped create a positive change in how customers perceive smartData’s innovation and the power of our services portfolio. His numerous certifications define his passion for new technological areas. To name a few, he is University Certified MongoDB Developer, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and Stackoverflow contributor. As much as he keeps himself updated on latest technology trends, he is an ardent and keen sportsman.
Vinay Tewari
Vice President Finance
He has been with smartData Enterprises (India) Limited since 1999, and one of the founder member of the company. Currently Mr. Tewari holds the position of VP Finance. He closely works with Board to define the organizational structure and implement global operational strategies, increase revenues and actualize business value.
Archana Pandey
Vice President Operations
Archana, a core member of Think-Tank from past 19 years, working as VP-Operations. She has done her Bachelors in Science from Lucknow University and Post Graduate diploma in Computers from Delhi. Earlier she worked with smartData Mohali and then moved to Central India.
She played a major role to setup Nagpur branch, which is now a leading company in central India with 300+ IT professionals. She loves to travel all over the globe to understand the growing needs of IT, also to understand the culture similarities at different geo-locations. As an independent thinker, she evaluates business requirements easily while taking care of 3C (Commitment, Customer Centricity and Credibility).
Vivek Sharma
Vice President Operations
Vivek is having 19 years of escalating information technology experience with top-notch blend of innovation, technology, delivery and business experience. His uniquely in-depth understanding of technical complexities and readiness to take over any technical challenge has helped the organization to build a rigid MS technology group of sound developers at all facilities of smartData. He has been always realistic and extremely adept at scaling business operations. As a leader, he has a great virtue of team management skills and proven ability to build, motivate and lead many enterprise-class quality engineering teams.
He has been with smartData since 2004 and worked with various positions: Project Manager, Business Unit Head, Delivery Head and Director Operations. Specialties: Lean and Agile Development, Microsoft Technologies, Service Operations, Leadership of large Teams and Projects, Growth strategy of Repeat Business. He has played a major role in stabilizing healthcare MS in Mohali branch and Microsoft array in Nagpur branch. Vivek has done Post Graduate Diploma in Computers from Kurukshetra University. He is also Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and certified Scrum Master. Apart from being a tech professional, he is also an avid trekker/sports lover.
Rakesh Pant
Vice President Operations
Rakesh Kumar Pant, Vice President Operations, is bachelor of science in physics and chemistry from university of Lucknow, has also earned his Master’s in computer applications from technical university Uttar Pradesh. He joined smartData in year 2005 as a software engineer and since then have played various roles in organisation including team leader, system analyst, business unit head, director operations. He has also been instrumental in setting up the smartData branch at Dehradun, Uttarakahnd.
He has also worked extensively in all three locations of smartData in different capacity as and when needed. His main area of expertise is providing consultation and solutions on the technology by keeping the business strategies in focus. Other than work he likes to read about physics especially relativistic effects and quantum mechanics, his interest also expands to mythology of different cultures and by the way he loves to drive long distances if given a chance.
Vishal Sagar
Vice President Business Development
Vishal Sagar, Vice President Business Development has over 20 years of experience in international sales. Vishal holds an MBA from a prestigious North Indian business school. Has had stints with leading multinational FMCG companies like Pepsico and Unilever in various leadership roles across sales and marketing where he was responsible for accelerating growth, augment revenue and enhance market share in the region.
He started his tech career in smartData in 2005 and worked in various positions: Sales Executive, Business Development Manager, Senior Sales Coordinator and Director Business Development. Now at the forefront of the company’s growth he leads the sales enablement and business development, has played a key role in building the organization’s marketplace channel. His area of expertise is customer success and platform business practice. He was instrumental in setting up the smartData office in the San Francisco bay area US in 2011 and has traveled extensively in the US from West to East coast to forge long term winning client relationships. He’s a passionate hiker, nonfictional book reader and a plantsman.

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