Culture is the environment that surrounds us at work all the time. It is a powerful element that shapes our work enjoyment, our work relationships, and our work processes.

smartData Cultural League is held once every two years and it focuses on promoting unity and amalgamation of diverse cultures, uniting all our office branches into highly developed, caring, and cohesive units. The essence of this league offers a spread of diversity through dance, music, plays, and other forms of expression.

The event creates an exemplary common value-based system from the diverse culture and society. A path towards setting the trend and an excellent example of our motto; "PauseForFun".


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smartData Cultural League: SCL 2

What a way to end SCL!!! The performances truly celebrated the regions and diverse culture of India. Name a dance and it was there- Bhangra, Bihu, Nati, Lavani and more, the beauty of each dance was expressed very well. Theatrical plays and live music were a fun to watch. A big round of applause to the host branch “sD Dehradun”...

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