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What is a DX platform?

A DX platform is driven by the API first approach behaving as an integrated set of technologies and providing multiple sets of digital touchpoints for a broader range of users. Digital Experience platform provides a complete suite of solutions by collaborating and aggregating all helpful features based on an individual’s (or group of individuals’) preferences through multichannel support. It uses AI & analytics for data insights (understanding and improving the experience) for business-level management while interacting with third-party tools.

It includes all customer-facing digital touchpoints — web, mobile, customer portals, kiosks, chatbots , voice assistants, social, etc. It combines marketing, sales, IT, business development, and product management. Changing “Content as a Service” to “Experience as a Service” i.e. omnichannel content delivery and content personalization.

Components that make up a DX Ecosystem

  • E-commerce engine
  • Digital asset management (DAM) platform
  • Translation and localization software
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Social media platforms and tools (e.g. Sprinklr, Buffer, Hootsuite)
  • Analytics (e.g. Google Analytics)
  • Data management platforms
  • Video management solutions

Importance of DX platform

Suited for all industries retail, insurance, travel, hospitality, entertainment and more DX platforms help manage the complex sales cycle or transactional processes in B2B and B2C businesses. Is data the key? Yes while selecting a DXP strategy the most important step is to narrow down to the business operations or brand priorities that need transformation. At smarData we begin by understanding the core business aspects that form the foundation of the overall system and require transformation. Then developing a solution where individuals have access to personalized information based on their roles. The last and most important step is unifying all touchpoints and providing analytics on data.

Results on analysis of our portfolio highlighted the inclination towards digital experience platforms of projects in various industries. Be it healthcare or real estate or e-commerce, the shift towards specialized and personalized learning and results has increased.

In such projects, our focus has been on capabilities and delivering omnichannel experiences. A recent and relevant solution is an integrated POS and marketing system developed for car wash owners. The system started with a POS and web system, and with time scaled to include mobile apps, controller application, kiosks, and integration with 30+ hardware devices to deliver a complete experience to the customers. In another application for healthcare, time monitoring and activity monitoring is being performed on both medical professional and patient side to improve the overall efficiency of the system, analyzing data from different sources using AI/ML tools and techniques.

Dx Platform in a nutshell is a set of software technologies involved at each step of SDLC from creation to delivery and optimization. Helping companies fight competition and deliver rich digital anytime anywhere experience to customers.

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