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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
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Engaging employees is critical for retaining valuable talent; as disengaged employees result in a high cost to the organization. And given the current situation with COVID-19, many workplaces are turning to remote work; makes employee engagement an important factor for every organization in today’s competitive marketplace.

An engaged employee is one who can be trusted to consistently and competently perform their job and making sure that they are delivering high-quality results. For employee engagement to follow we need to create the right work environment, help our employees in their career development, and have open communication in the workplace. So how do we create an environment which works best for our employees? This is when we need to plan the right employee engagement strategies.

Listed below are the effective employee engagement strategies that can be applied right from the time an employee joins the organization and helps them grow in their career:

Employee engagement approaches that need to be taken into account for a new employee:

  • Clear and defined roles & responsibilities with realistic job preview.
  • Strong induction and orientation programs.
  • Regular technical/soft skill updates, certification programs, training, and leadership development.

Employee engagement approaches for all the employees from top to bottom or bottom-up:

  • Practice of strong communication- Open communication between the members of the organization is vital for providing regular feedback, expressing their opinions, discussing ideas, monthly updates on corporate goals and directions.

  • Power of Reward and Recognition- Reward schemes include compensation and benefits programs, but it does not necessarily have to be monetary always. It can be long service and good performance awards, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or rewards through an online platform is one of the best ways to recognize your employees’ hard work.

  • Activities to build the great culture of the organization-Developing a safe, clean, and inspiring work environment. Respecting, trusting, and valuing your employees’ work and efforts, taking care of their well-being are a few of the factors which help to create an environment full of positivity, enthusiasm, and great places to work.

  • Promote Team Bonding- Create team bonding/building activities such as recreational lunch, trips, or treks where employees get to spend time with other employees in the workplace and get to know each other more, and improve team bonds.

  • Leadership Development- Leaders across all levels are directly responsible for the employee engagement levels in their organization. Leadership development allows managers to learn and practice skills of interacting with their teams, removing obstacles, providing help, and acknowledging strong effort.

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