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FinTech is a new industry using technology to improve activities in finance and accountancy. According to research based on data from PwC's DeNovo platform, funding of FinTech startups has increased at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 41% over the last four years, with over US$40 billion in cumulative investment.

Below are few Fintech Applications delivered by smartData:

  • Insurance platform developed for Fortune 500 company
  • International money transfer app, leveraging the power of digital currencies and Blockchain technology
  • Analytics and trade surveillance solutions
  • Live stock trading app, with direct market access trading to the US exchanges
  • Financial data aggregation and API implementation
  • Revenue and payroll analytics based Insurance application
  • Financial Risk assessment platform
  • Accounting portal for business and service providers
  • Billing software
  • Financial budget information system, involving Payroll system integration
  • Invoicing application
  • Money remittance system
  • Financial and Mortgage planning system with use of Financial Aggregator services
  • Funds management and disbursement system
  • System related to Investor Relations and Proximity Solicitation
  • Wallet system and banking API implementation

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