Meet with team smartData

Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

After intense thought process of an idea, customers are looking for a reliable team who understands their business objectives with budget constraint. smartData knows how this business specification will transform the living standard of consumers. Keeping clients’ budget constraint in mind we develop their business idea into the functional application.

If anyone aligns two developers to estimate one project, it is most likely that they will give two different estimates because each developer anticipation for developing an app would be based on their experience and expertise.

We permutate and combine the essential features of the application which in

1. Develop a wireframe- Wireframe is like the blueprint in the house analogy. The business specification is put into blueprint which gives a clear understanding of the developed application. Detailed design for any application is very important during the estimation phase because it gives a wholesome view of the application. We follow many parameters for wireframes: low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity wireframe, interactive prototypes, designs. Lo-fi wireframes are created before high-fidelity.

2. Specification understanding- Firstly, we understand by asking a lot of questions about the business specification, what functionality they want to embed, what would be their technical preference for the application. We then validate the concept to determine the reasonable timeline and cost.

3. Features list- To estimate the timeframe for an application, we create a detailed functionality, complexity, and integrations. To get the bare idea into the uniform state, it’s essential to create the features list that makes the project descriptive.

4. Quotation- Quote is shared once the clear functional objective of the application is mutually agreed.

Our end goal is to develop a system to make the application functionally strong with an economic cost. To know about our process, you can contact us.

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