Focusing on happiness, growth, abundance and cultivating one goal mantra makes smartData one of the top companies to work for. Our happy work force is our strength. It is management’s endeavor to provide all required facilities needed for an excellent and healthy work environment .

Our Work Culture:

  • Great employability, career mobility and lifelong learning.
  • Transparent, Meritocracy and reward based system.
  • Leadership @ all levels.
  • Culture of Joy, companionship.
  • Work Hard, Play Harder.
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smartData Square- An Exchange for Sharing Ideas & Growth

We believe in continuous talent development as per ever evolving market demand. It requires not only updating and upgrading existing workforce through ongoing external and internal training but also grooming the newly hired talent from renowned college and universities as part of our fresh talent acquisition program.

smartData Direct – Program for the Trainees


This initiative was put forward by smartData Management to bridge the education gap and make college graduates ready for the Industry . A detailed program is developed that includes both the onsite and offsite training to ensure that every member of team can address customer request.

We attract talent from top academic institutions across India that includes a mix of students from disciplines like B.Tech/MCA/M.Tech.

We foster a multicultural environment, high-impact strategies and cutting-edge research projects. We also benefit from the diverse perspectives of a best-in-class talent pool.

Young grads energies and willingness to learn has encouraged us to invest in more students every year expanding from 20 to 100 students today.

smartData Skill Development – Program for the Employees


This initiative encompasses regular training sessions for smarTians to stay competitive in a global marketplace. Every employee is encouraged to expand their current knowledge-base by enrolling in training & seminars. The right training, to the right employees at the right time gives employees the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their work to the best of their ability, increasing productivity and quality of work.Regular training means your business and your employees don’t get left behind and they stay working at their best, both today and in the future. Training and development gives employees an increased and more diverse skill set, meaning they can take on additional responsibilities while supporting their own career progression. Here at smartData, in addition to external training, internal training is a pivotal way to share the know how and expertise.

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smarTians Testimonials




Salesforce Developers for US/inhouse projects
Key Skills Required: We are looking for Sales Force developer who will be responsible for the custom development of the modules using Sales Force platform and APIs. The Developer would be required to build rich & interactive UI using Visual Force & implementing the custom business logic using Apex. Also will be required for customization in existing modules & some core components supported by Sales Force platform. Application requires building independent modules, mobile interfaces and business logic APIs along with its integration in ASP.NET based enterprise level application.

Major responsibilities of Quality Control Engineers includes:

  • Good Salesforce admin understanding
  • Security Management
  • Deployment using ANT
  • Experienced with Lightning Design System
  • Good APEX Development Skills
  • APEX Job/Scheduler
  • APEX Triggers
  • Custom REST Service
  • Visualforce development
  • Developing Visualforce components
  • Good skills in AngularJS
  • Working experience in Saleforce REST API and Metadata API
  • Working experience on Github
  • Understanding of NodeJS – Optional
  • US Visa B1/B2 preferred

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Quality Control Engineers for US/inhouse projects
Key Skills Required: We are seeking an experienced, dedicated Quality Control Engineers to join our existing team. They will be responsible for testing all the aspects of a software solution, both functionally and technically. They will play a key role in establishing organizations’ quality standards. Excellent communication and leadership skills are a must, along with keen attention to details.

Major responsibilities of Quality Control Engineers includes:

  • More than 4 Years of Experience
  • Knowledge of programming language Preferably Java.
  • Experience in TestNG Java test framework
  • Having experience in writing automation scripts
  • Experience in designing different automation frameworks i.e. hybrid, keyword driven, data driven.
  • Having experience in writing scripts using Maven.
  • Knowledge of Cloud testing, Selenium Grid and Jenkins – Optional (Good to have)
  • Experience using Selenium will be preferred.
  • Knowledge and experience in salesforce will be given preference
  • US Visa B1/B2 preferred

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Dot Net Developer
Key Skills Required:, Sqlserver, MVC, Entity framework, JQuery, Angular JS.With the ever changing scenarios in the field of web and Information Technology, software developers have constantly reinvented and updated themselves in order to stay ahead of the competition and perform well in this line of work. For this one also should possess knowledge about a number of programming languages in order to carry out their tasks efficiently.

Major responsibilities of a Dot net Developer includes:

  • Analysing and gathering requirements for the framework and creating a design for the final software output.
  • Understanding the life cycle of software and determining any changes that may be needed as per the observations and feedback of software testing professionals.
  • Developing the web based software using computer programming languages such as, Sql Server, MVC, Entity framework.
  • Creating and maintaining the ASP.NET based websites and their web applications as per the initial guidelines of the client.
  • Making changes to existing web applications according to the feedback received from the end users or clients. In some cases, changes are also made in order to update the application’s compatibility with the latest operating systems.
  • Testing the applications and websites on different web browsers to ensure a standard user experience for the clients across all platforms.
  • Deploying applications on client server.
  • Training the end user or client on the final product as well as providing technical support whenever required.
  • Finding information about latest technologies that aid in the development of core web applications and enhance their features in the long run.
  • Ensuring the compatibility of the websites with newer software or operating system version.

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WPF DEVELOPER Key Skills Required : WPF/ MVVM Pattern, WCF/ Restful services, EF/ LINQ, SQL – Complex Stored procedures and query optimization

smartData is seeking highly talented, motivated professionals driven with a genuine passion for desktop application development using technologies such as WPF/MVVM Pattern, WCF/restful services, EF/LINQ, SQL. We are looking for 5-6 years of experience with following criteria:
  • Sql database stored procedure creation and database maintenance .
  • TFS Source control Maintenance.
  • Modification of MVVM design pattern.
  • Design, develop, and configure software systems to meet market and/or client requirements either end-to-end from analysis, design, implementation, quality assurance.
  • To deliver and maintain the software product or system for a specific phase of the lifecycle.
  • Apply knowledge of technologies, applications, methodologies, processes and tools to support a client, project or entity .
  • Should have 2+ years of Team management experience .

An added advantage, if the candidate has experience of the below:

  • IOC/ DI implementation using Ninject or structure map or unity or any other framework .
  • Test driven development using xUnit or nUnit or Ms Test with any mocking framework .

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Salesforce DeveloperWe are looking for Sales Force developer who will be responsible for the custom development of the modules using Sales Force platform and APIs. The Developer would be required to build rich & interactive UI using Visual Force & implementing the custom business logic using Apex. Also will be required for customization in existing modules & some core components supported by Sales Force platform.

Application requires building independent modules, mobile interfaces and business logic APIs along with its integration in ASP.NET based enterprise level application.

Candidate must have experience in

  • Apex Business layer development.
  • Visual Force.
  • Apex triggers.
  • SOQL.

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User Experience (UX) Designer
Key Skills Required: HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery, Prototyping, Wireframing, Story board designing.For individuals with strong interests and capabilities in the design and development of engaging user experiences here is an opportunity. The ideal candidate will thrive in a work environment that will require strong problem solving skills and independent self-direction, coupled with an aptitude for team collaboration and open communication. So the individual must excel at providing both highly analytical as well as highly creative ideas to a design engagement. A thorough understanding of contemporary user-centered design methodologies is a must.

Key Responsibility Area includes:

  • Understanding customer’s brief and converting that into appealing, highly usable interfaces.
  • Capable of generating user personas and user scenarios
  • Preparing low fidelity prototypes of sites/features (ranging from paper-and-pencil concepts to wireframes or interactive prototypes) for internal review and brain storming
  • Capable of gauging technical feasibility of the prototype. Presenting high fidelity designs/mock-ups to the customer for review/iteration/approval. Preparing storyboard for the various projects.
  • Conceptual understanding of User Interface Design and the Design Process.
  • Excellent time-management, multi-tasking, and communication skills.
  • Capable of juggling multiple projects and related complexities at the same time.
  • Good eye for aesthetics: layout, grid systems, color theory and typography.
  • Strong understanding of mobile platforms.
  • Understanding of the limitations of web and mobile, with approaches/ideas to flex those boundaries.
  • Candidate must absolutely be in sync with recent design standards and trends.

We require a person with the ability to collaborate actively with others in a cross-functional team and has a “Roll-up your sleeves” attitude to get things done.

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MEAN Stack Developer
Key Skills Required: Mongo db, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS.This is a role for someone who thrives in a dynamic, fast-paced environment and who wants to play a critical role in the development and enhancement of core technology products. Best of the best MEAN Stack Developer required for a great, unique opportunity with a global leader in Business Consulting and Web Development. The individual is required to:
  • Strongly influence the direction of a cutting edge web system that provides immediate real time simulation of data for a variety of technical platforms..
  • Work with the latest technologies in JavaScript Stack i.e MEAN (Mongo db, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS) development in a modern, forward thinking environment.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Continuous learning and “Can-Do / Get-it-done” attitude.

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Senior iOS Developer
Key Skills Required: swift, SQLite, Cocoa Touch, Restful APIs, Integration of third party SDKs.If you are looking to lead the design, development and maintenance of iPhone applications that span across different industries such as finance, automobile, healthcare, retail, consumer, enterprise and entertainment, then here is the right place. The primary focus will be development of iOS applications and their integration with back-end services. Individual will be working alongside other engineers and developers working on different layers of the infrastructure. Therefore, a commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and the creation of quality products is essential.

Key Responsibility Areas Include:

  • Delivering across the entire app life cycle – concept, design, build, deploy, test, release to app stores and support.
  • Working directly with creatives, developers, user experience leads, and producers to conceptualize, build, test and release products.
  • Building prototypes.
  • Working with the web developers to create and maintain robust mobile frameworks.
  • Creating compelling device specific user interfaces and experiences.
  • Optimizing performance.
  • Updating on the latest industry trends in mobile technologies.

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Business Development Manager
Key Skills Required: Bid Management, Client Interaction, Hands-on Upwork, Excellent Communication Skills.Here an individual will be working to improve organization’s market position and achieve financial growth. The person will define long-term organizational strategic goals, build key customer relationships, identify business opportunities, negotiate and close business deals and will maintain extensive knowledge of current market conditions.

Business development professional will have three primary responsibilities:

  • Identifying new sales leads.
  • Pitching products and/or services.
  • Maintaining fruitful relationships with existing customers.

When it comes to generating leads, day-to-day duties will typically include:

  • Managing accounts and meeting or exceeding targets relating to revenue growth, activities, profit margin, mix of products and services sales, customer retention and customer acquisition.
  • Adhering to all quality standards and processes, for the acquisition of customers, opportunities and submission of tender and contract documents.
  • Bid management processing and managing order levels maintaining the CRM database.
  • Providing regular feedback to senior management about marketplace and competitor activity.
  • Developing effective working relationships with customers through regular meetings and identifying and obtaining further sales and business development opportunities.
  • Working with and Group marketing to develop marketing campaigns to support Sales Strategy. Generating new business and raising awareness of other company products.
  • Identifying requirements for new products & services to anticipate and potentially lead the market.
  • Applying company wide project management standards in preparing bids and contracts, responding to customer needs and managing the sales process from opportunity identification to customer sign off.
  • Undertaking regular project reviews with all involved in these processes to ensure transfer of knowledge.

Of course, as with all office jobs, documentation is also a big part of the work. Business development professionals are also obligated to write reports and provide feedback to upper management about what is and is not working.

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PHP Developer
Key Skills Required: Cake PHP, Mysql, Jquery, API (Restful Service).Want to be responsible for the technological and graphical facets of a website????? Here is an opportunity for a techie who will take care of the page layout, the design and the entire coding of the website in PHP format.

Essential responsibility includes:

  • Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers.
  • Build efficient, testable, and reusable PHP modules.
  • Solve complex performance problems and architectural challenges.
  • Integration of data storage solutions.
  • Advanced knowledge of building Content Management Systems, either from your own design or from frameworks such as Zend, CakePHP, CodeIgniter .

Overall, it can be said that a PHP developer plays the role of technology to craft a company’s look and feel on the web. A big responsibility indeed!

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Quality Analyst (QA)
Key Skills Required: Manual testing, automation, Black Box testing.The one who is responsible for testing all the aspects of a software solution, both functionally and technically. Yes…..The quality analyst will here play a key role in establishing the organizations’ quality standards. They often use industry benchmarks and experience to recommend quality-related practices that can be used throughout the organization.

Essential responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing requirements specifications and technical design documents to provide timely and meaningful feedback.
  • Creating detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test cases.
  • Estimating, prioritizing, planning, and coordinating testing activities.
  • Designing, developing and executing automation scripts using open source tools.
  • Identifying, recording, documenting thoroughly and tracking bugs.
  • Performing thorough regression testing when bugs are resolved.

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Key Skills Required : Hybrid Mobile App development, Angular JS, Ionic framework, HTML/CSS3This is an exciting role in which the individual will develop applications for a wide range of enterprise clients. The position requires translation of the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code that will produce visual elements of the application. The person will work with the UI/UX designer and bridge the gap between graphical design and technical implementation, taking an active role on both sides and defining how the application looks, as well as how it works.

Responsibility shall include:

  • Developing new applications from existing ‘Shell’ templates.
  • Developing new user-facing features.
  • Building reusable code and libraries for future use.
  • Ensuring the technical feasibility of UI/UX design.
  • Optimizing application for maximum speed and scalability.
  • Optimizing application for Offline First design.
  • Assuring that all user input is validated before submitting to back-end .
  • Implementing end to end testing of all User Stories (framework provided).
  • Developing integration unit tests (framework provided).
  • Emulating & Physical Device Testing.
  • Proficient understanding of web markup, including HTML5, CSS3.
  • Basic understanding of server-side CSS pre-processing platforms, such as LESS and SASS .
  • Proficient understanding of client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery and AngularJS .
  • Basic understanding of end-to-end and unit testing tools.

The role requires a person to have strong analytical and reasoning skills along with impeccable communication – verbal & written.

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Note: The applicant must demonstrate skills to be a team player and possess good communication skills. Experience in interaction with international clients will be an added advantage.

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