Meet with team smartData

Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL
Working from home due to an emergency health crisis is the new normal nowadays however pandemic should not halt your professional growth. Face to face interactions enhance team productivity and various technology tools have made the remote interactions quite easy. Below are some useful tips which you can follow to boost your career growth while working from home. Interact frequently Team interaction plays an integral part during work from home. Communication enhances team building and gives you the chance to know each other style of working. It will help you to polish your communication skills which is the most important criteria for workplace success. Brush Up your skills Never waste a crisis. You can make much out of the unfavorable conditions with a positive attitude. You can avail many online courses to level up your skills. Take advice from your colleagues or manager for a course that can help you to enhance your knowledge in a particular domain. Be open to the feedback Never feel shy while asking how you’re doing at the work front. Feedbacks pave a path for a better tomorrow and help you to grow professionally. Ask for feedback from your manager directly and frequently. Meet Virtually Online meetings are crucial to run the business and interact with your team members. Attend all online meetings with the camera on. In online meetings where everyone can see each other’s faces, be attentive and confident. Ask relevant questions and interact as per requirement in the online interaction for better visibility. Be Proactive and take the chance Every business is trying to do more with less money right now. Find ways where you can make a big effect or commitment. Look for ways to develop professionally while bringing added value to the business. Take a break when necessary It is fine to take a break from your busy schedule. A short tea or coffee break in between long working hours can lift your mood. Taking care of your health is as important as other aspects of life. By adopting and embracing the above tips you will be able to uncover opportunities to boost your career while working from home. At smartData Enterprises initiatives have been taken to establish remote connect with employees through smartConnect & smartGratitude programs. Various motivational workshops, guided meditation & yoga sessions, and HR counselling sessions have been held for smarTians to deal with physical and mental exhaustion during the pandemic. We have created a recognition culture to recognize & improves employee performance, ambition, and hard work. various Rewards & Recognition given to acknowledge the hard work of our existing employees who work relentlessly and gone above and beyond the call of duty during working from home.

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