Meet with team smartData

Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

Employees are highly influenced and motivated by workplace culture. It is critical to establish a strong standard of internal communication and a culture of sharing..

Each individual employee has the freedom to share their own ideas to contribute to their organization’s initiatives in a sharing culture. In addition, they are aware of what is going on with the company, as opposed to management withholding information from employees.

To Build a Culture of Caring

A caring culture entails more than just caring for your employees and having them care for your customers. It can be grown in the following ways.

  • Define and communicate your goal.
  • Involve and Empower
  • Concentrate on Personal Relationships
  • Pay attention, connect with others, and share your stories.

In smartData Our Gratitude #sharingcaring

smartData stands together with all the smarTians in these testing times of the COVID Pandemic, with a deep sense of belief that ‘Human’ is prioritized in ‘Human Resource’.

smartData decided that Any Employee who Expires and was unmarried:

  • Their Parents would be supported with six months of his salary and
  • if they have siblings (real Brother& Sister)who is educated and has relevant education qualification and willing to work in smartData, will be given a job

Any Employee who Expires and was married:

  • The legally wedded spouse will get equal to 3 months of employee salary
  • if the spouse is unemployed then they will be offered a job if they have a relevant education qualification
  • The employee’s child will be supposed for education till the 12th standard by smartData. Applicable for one child.
  • smartData provide Sharing and caring Fund (SCF)

    Sharing and Caring Fund: A fund offered to help all smarTians during the time of need or emergencies.

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